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AI Models

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Who we are

ellamind GmbH specializes in the development of custom-tailored, application-specific AI models with the option for “on-premise” deployment. With our solutions, you can automate the processing of your private or highly sensitive data without it ever having to leave your own network. Furthermore, our models allow complete independence and data sovereignty and can significantly outperform the performance of generic AI models for specialized applications.

Our founding team has developed some of the most advanced and widely used open-source AI models in the German-speaking world and has also attracted international attention (including several top-10 placements in the global “Open LLM Leaderboard” and the first working Mixtral implementation). We stand for rapid and advanced development of state-of-the-art AI models and pipelines and will continue to openly share many of these advancements through DiscoResearch.

Our partnership with the JAAI Group enables our team to reliably implement even large and demanding projects.


First German-language Foundation Model with continued pretraining
Llama2 German, LeoLM Chat, EM German, DiscoLM German
Most widely used open AI language models for German-speaking applications (>100k downloads)
DiscoLM 70b und DiscoLM 120b
Rank #6 and #3 on the global OpenLLM Leaderboard
Mixtral, Mistral AI´s MoE Modell
First working implementation


Dr. Jan Philipp Harries

Co-Founder & CEO

Björn Plüster

Co-Founder & CTO

Advantages of custom LLMs (Large Language Models)


On-premise deployment for use of AI models with sensitive information or client data (e.g. in Healthcare).

Resilience & Independence

Full control over business-critical AI models and processes, no dependence on any single provider.


Our AI models can outperform generalist models via Finetuning and continued Pretraining with domain- and business specific data.