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Innovation Meets Customization

Our expert team creates cutting-edge, custom AI products tailored to your organization’s needs while ensuring data sovereignty and security.

Meet our team
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Ellamind AI

Leading the Way in AI Innovation

At ellamind, we pride ourselves on leading the way in AI innovation. Our founding team developed some of the most sophisticated and widely used open-source AI models in the German-speaking world and brings unparalleled expertise to the table.

We prioritize transparency and collaboration through initiatives like DiscoResearch, where we exchange knowledge with our community. We are committed to the rapid development of state-of-the-art AI models and pipelines, and will continue to openly share many of these advancements.

Placements in the global “Open LLM Leaderboard”
Of the first working Mixtral implementation
Downloads of our open-source LLMs
JAAI Group for large-scale project implementation
Ellamind AI

Meet our ellaMinds

Our team comprises visionary innovators, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of AI development.

Dr. Jan Philipp Harries

Co-founder & CEO
Juggling finances and operations by day, taming LLMs at night.

Björn Plüster

Co-founder & CTO
Driving ellamind's technological advancements and innovation agenda.

Daniel Auras

Founding AI Engineer
Working across the whole LLM life cycle and application stack. Currently focusing on core product development.

Shawon Ashraf

AI Engineer
Coping with LLMs and RAG. Wishing for Vision and Language models to reach parity with LLMs.

Damian Barabonkov

Founding AI Engineer
Bridging the gap from an AI idea on the whiteboard to a production-grade software system.

Naima Gerlach

Founders Associate
Navigating the business landscape, ensuring seamless operations and future growth.

Unlock the Power of AI

Experience the capabilities of our advanced AI models for your specific needs.